Hello there!

I am from Hong Kong currently working and living in Singapore with my two sweet cats. Been in love with momoko doll since 2002, just want to share my love and passion in this blog. If you would like to contact me please email to oxmomoko (at) gmail dot com.

Cheers, oxeye 2014



5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi! I have a question about how you fixed your 14AN PK’s hair centre parted like that? I think it’s really pretty. I also tried to restyle my 14AN’S hair, but it’s a hot mess right now 😦 her bangs were parted weird, there are short and long pieces of hair everywhere, it made me so tempted to reroot her hair!! Thank you in advance if you can give me some tips:)


    1. Hi Rachel, I can totally understand your frustration because this was exactly how I felt at the start. You could try tilt up the longer pieces by a long tail comb and use them to cover up the shorter piece, keep comb a few times, and I plugged out some of the shorter pieces of hair which I found them too messy. It might not be perfect at first, I tried 3-4 times to do her hair so just be patient with her. And I also glued her bangs so that it won’t look so fussy. I am not sure whether this will help but I do wish you all the best in re styling her 🙂

    1. I used the normal white glue, but just very little will do. I never try hair gel but I guess no harm trying, since you can just wash away with water.

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